Thursday, June 30, 2011

Harpy Lady

I made this in a fit of rage because it seemed as though the person who commissioned it didn't trust me to make their commission. Maybe it was a misperception on my part, but I'm getting to the point where my philosophy is "I have a gallery on DA of Hundreds of pieces, if you don't know what to expect and won't trust me to be me, then why commission me?"

All that being said. I LOVE the way this turned out.

Raven Beartrap

I've decided with these 10 dollar commissions to take a more illustrative approach and a more individual approach. My goal is to avoid single color backgrounds and floating characters. What I draw has to inhabit a space. This was my first attempt, and I LOVE the way it turned out.

Summer 2011 10 Dollar Commissions Week 2

With these, I attempted using a new way of doing things that involved using a single layer and the lasso tool. It's FAR faster than my old way of doing this kind of thing.

Character from webcomic Wapsi Square

Summer 2011 10 Dollar Commissions Week 1

These were my first 10 Dollar commissions of the Summer. I use summer commissions to maintain my skill, try new things, fight off boredom, and make some money. I feel like I fucked up on each one, but the people who commissioned them seem to like them.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Very Patient Commissioners

This is supposed to be a cross-over of Girl Genius and Stargate.

A linke to the story

Challenging to say the least because not only am I intrepreting Sam Carter in to my style, but I'm also intrepeting another artists style.

I attempted to make her appropriately... meaty... as she is in the comic, but using my aesthetic. The toughest part was the hair. The flowing blond hair is actually the best way to tell who the character is. The problem is that this is supposed to be a space suit and I've never seen hair coming out of any of the space suits at NASA.

Basically he wanted a Bedroom scene "just after the fun."

I debated with myself over censoring the nudity. Then I decided that if they can depict a sex scene with Morrigan in DA:O then a nipple is no big deal.
This is an OLD OOLD OOOOOOOOLD commission. To be honest I can't rightly remember if the person wanted a cartoony commission or not. However, I had an idea about how to do the doctor in this style so I gave it a shot.

PS I don't care who I piss off but Matt Smith > David Tennant.

There. I said it!

3D Print Statues

I tried to flirt with custom models. The problem is cost. A model costs somewhere around 150.00. No one wants to pay 150.00. I'm the artist and I don't want to pay 150.00.

Here is my cactus girl model printed out. Followed by some Toph models which I never got to print.

If you want one of these, and have the cash for the print let me know.

Bringing everyone up to date Part 6

This is how I work. It is supremely inefficient.
This was a commission. A cracked pairing if you ask me.
I still flirt occasionally with 3d programs like lightwave and maya, but I just can't get in to them. Modeling is so so SOOOOOOO boring.

Eyes of Noctum was a band that my friend was a part of. I tried to make some good posters for him for an illustration assignment. The first one sucked.
The second one was better.

Bringing everyone up to date Part 5

This is an X-23 Ortho that I did. I need more practice with orthos for modelers. I chose X-23 because, to be honest, despite being a great character I don't much like the way she's drawn, even by the professionals. So this was my attempt to come up with something I like. I don't much like her front face, the shape is generally wrong, but the profile along with the rest of her body I'm ok with.

I love the likeness.
Dalek Poster tribute.

All of these I did around mid-terms and finals.

Bringing everyone up to date Part 4

I tried doing 5 dollar sketch commissions, but they sucked so hard that I stopped.

Bringing everyone up to date Part 3

This is all school work. I fucking hate my school work stuff. I'm fairly convinced that many of my classmates think I'm a crappy artist. I don't know why, but when it comes to school assignments I just fail. Anything else I'm fairly confident, but if it's an assignment from a teacher I fail.

Bringing everyone up to date Part 2

These were the two paintings I did when I first got my new tablet and I freaking love them.

Bringing everyone up to date Part 1

As I mentioned last post, I really want to post to this blog more. But I've done so much since Panda as a Panda, so the next few posts will be catch up.
Venom Older Toph
Super Metroid Wallpaper
Modern College Older Toph

These were made during Thanksgiving and Christmas Break. I love the way Cheshire turned out. But the Toph pieces are a little "meh"

I need to update this place more often

Someone told me that a blog is a great place for an artist to use as a portfolio. I'm willing to bet it works even better if you actually update the thing. So I'm going to be updating this place more often. I'm wondering if I should update with what I'm doing now, or update with everything that I've done between february and now.

We'll see....

edit: apparently I can't upload images to blogger at the moment. So I'm going to take a nap and hopefully it will be fixed when I wake up.