Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Very Patient Commissioners

This is supposed to be a cross-over of Girl Genius and Stargate.

A linke to the story

Challenging to say the least because not only am I intrepreting Sam Carter in to my style, but I'm also intrepeting another artists style.

I attempted to make her appropriately... meaty... as she is in the comic, but using my aesthetic. The toughest part was the hair. The flowing blond hair is actually the best way to tell who the character is. The problem is that this is supposed to be a space suit and I've never seen hair coming out of any of the space suits at NASA.

Basically he wanted a Bedroom scene "just after the fun."

I debated with myself over censoring the nudity. Then I decided that if they can depict a sex scene with Morrigan in DA:O then a nipple is no big deal.
This is an OLD OOLD OOOOOOOOLD commission. To be honest I can't rightly remember if the person wanted a cartoony commission or not. However, I had an idea about how to do the doctor in this style so I gave it a shot.

PS I don't care who I piss off but Matt Smith > David Tennant.

There. I said it!

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