Saturday, March 31, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Android Girl painting continues

It's even sloppier and harder to read now, but I made some very basic color adjustments that will serve to eventually make this piece better.

Korra Wallpaper Thing

tried to stay on model, but in my style. Used a ref for the pose, but that's it. Trying to grow as an artist. Trying to shed that "huge tits" thing in a lot of my previous work. Trying to make work that the creators of Avatar, should they browse the web, would take notice of.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Still more Android Lady

I'm completely unsatisfied with it atm. Parts of it feel sloppy and unresolved. However, I need to show something to the class.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Starting over and over again

Blogger is being weird... sorry for the multiple posts.
I started with color sketch, but the composition, mood, and anatomy were off. So I started from scratch. I completely redrew the character in a new and better composition and improved anatomy. When I loaded that drawing in to photoshop, I noticed her neck looked broken, which forced me to completely redraw the head. I think this looks better. She's more vulnerable and despondant.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pair of Soranik Natu works

I got a commission to draw Natu. I've been doing a lot of life drawing lately, and I feel like it's starting to pay dividends. I just wanted something that looked cute, sexy, and fun, but not exploitative.
This was my first attempt at the commission, but I felt it missed the mark, so I did the one above it.

Huge Update of Work Part 3 - Super Bowl Speed Painting

Making this was the most fun I've had making a piece of art in... ages. You see, it's an expression of my creativity. It flowed from me, and I wasn't concerned about anything. It was the first time I've felt like an artist in a long time. I need to do more works like this.

You can see a sped up vid of me making this here.

Huge Update of work Part 2 - Korra related stuff

These two pieces are part of a running joke. Basically, whenever someone asks nick information about the release date of Korra they say "soon ;)" Even with that fucking winky face. We (the fans) are being constantly teased about the damn show, so I thought I'd personify that teasing with this. I thought it was funny...

Request from a popular member of the "pro-Korra" community requested this. I felt like I under performed for his request, which is why I made the additional pieces above. I thought those would make up for this lack luster showing.

Korra doing Yoga was based on a video I saw. The video blatantly used sexuality to sell spirituality. I thought that was an interesting combination, and one that fit Korra. I used to do Yoga until very recently when I learned my routine increased the chance of a stroke. I found out that most people actually shouldn't be doing Yoga, and that if they did, they should be doing it much more lightly than they are.
In one of the recent leaks. (Yeah, I watch the leaks, and I don't feel bad about it. Until I see hard evidence that the leaks have done anything other than generate interest and possible ad revenue, I refuse to feel bad about downloading and watching them over and over.) Anyway, back to what I was saying, in one of the recent leaks there was this great shot of Korra's back tensed. The muscles were beautiful. The back, by and large, is beautiful, and a well developed back is gorgeous. So, based on that image, I made this. A guess as to the entirety of Korra's backside.

Huge Update of work Part 1

This was a commission. It really sucks. The guy wanted Raven showering. THe thing is, the first thing that comes to mind is someone with their arms over their head. I felt like I had been using that pose a lot as a crutch. So I wanted to try something different with her in the shower, twisting for some reason. It just didn't turn out like I envisioned.
This is the finished Virgil Concept Art. This kind of work, this kind of painting is close to what I would like to be doing for a career.
A commission, basically the client wanted a sexy image of the venom symbiote mid transformation on Naruko from Naruto. Naruko is Naruto himself transformed in to a girl. The guy who asked for this was really really patient with me. It took several months for me to draw this actually because it just seemed so... weird. I mean, I don't judge, I just draw and I thank the dude for his patronage.
Female Link. Another commission. Client wanted a female link. That's it. This was the second line experiment I did, and I think it turned out much better.

I have to be honest, I almost didn't want to post this. There are a couple reasons for this. First, it brings out an anger in me because of the response I got to it. To put it simply, I love women, but hate neo-feminism. The kind that tries to dictate to men what they can and cannot find attractive. The kind that tries to tell me what it means to be a man. The kind that is close minded, arrogant, and stupid. I caught a ton of flak for their breast sizes and I defended the hell out of it. Because of my stance, I defended it to the point of being a real dick about it. The reason why is that I've been worn down about these issues, and my stance boiled down to "if you are physically threatened by a drawing, you aren't worth my time." I drew this for a client according to their specifications. I am well aware of how to draw realistically proportioned breasts. However, even if it weren't for a client, I find it obnoxious when other people try to unload the hang ups they have about their body or what other people are attracted to on to you and your work. What someone else finds attractive shouldn't affect you. There are people who love scat. Why should I care? There are people who love enormous tits. Why should you care? It's almost as if this boils down to "if it isn't my body type they find attractive, then they are wrong." The arrogance of it makes me so fucking mad, especially as a guy who gets turned down a lot based on my looks.

The second reason I didn't want to post it is because, quite frankly, it isn't very good. I was experimenting a lot with line and color, and it just didn't work out very well. There are some people who liked it, but it isn't what I'm going for in general.
Yet another commission. I'm not a big fan of it to be honest. The way she's twisting just doesn't seem... natural. It's like her back is broken or something. Freaks me the fuck out. But the client was happy, and that's all that matters.