Monday, December 29, 2008

Sketch Dump

Just felt like drawing the backside of Older Toph since I only focused on the characters frontside in my month long Character Design thing. I didn't post this on DA because I know no one likes my interpretation. The breast expansion enthusiasts love it though, and that's a little creepy. I mean, I've been sort of analyzing WHY exactly I gave older Toph huge titties. I think it's because Toph is easily the most attractive female in Avatar due mostly to her character. I have never wanted to be a 10 year old girl until Toph. She's just that awesome. The thing is, I'm not a pedo, I can't be physically attracted to children. Sorry. So, I have to age her to an almost rediculous level in order to justify an attraction to the character. I have to make it obvious that she's not a child or underage at all.

God that's all kinds of fucked up.
Decided to color my crap sketch. Still trying to find a good way to ink.
I actually really like this sketch, and I may post it.
Unfinished Pirate Ninja
Angry Marine is Angry
Panda from Body Bags Sketch. I was going to finish it, then I realized how creepy it was.
Speed abstract paintan
I'm furry for Lola and Minerva Mink.
Experimenting with traditional anatomy.
Crappy experiment
Sketch that turned in to something I liked, but am not gonna post for a while. There is just too much TITTY! in my gallery on dA.

Just dumping sketch work, unfinished work, and work I'm unsatisfied with.


Decided to try out a technique of blending using the airbrush tool, and avoiding smudge or the grainy water blender in Painter. I actually like the result a lot more.

Blood Elf Death Knight

I tend to believe that there is no such thing as bad information, just bad uses of information. I decided to make an image using the techniques and ideas I learned in my painting class only in the digital format.

I began with a yellowish sepia tone canvas.

Added a brown-ish value layer.

Added color to that value layer.

Rendered and rendered.

Overlayed a canvas texture, and then painted over the layers that came forward with opaque "paint" (I did this because I learned that transparency on canvas gives this feeling of receding.

Rendered and Rendered and so on

Some Quick Kei Drawings

Every artist has their weak points. I have many, but one that really sticks in my craw is my cartoon drawing ability. I'm much better with shapes as representations of form than lines as representations of form. Now, I'm the kind of person that if I'm not good at something, I tend to work on it until I am. However, the preocess of trying to improve is a very painful one. Here are some experimentations with a more cartoony style of doing things.

I love drawing Kei. She's one of my favorite anime characters and has been since the mid 90s. I mean, the series she's in is fairly forgettable, and nothing I'd recommend to anyone else. But her character tends to stand out in the oversaturated medum that is anime. And it's not because of TnA (though I enjoy drawing that aspect very much) because there is a lot more and a lot better TnA in the realm of Anime.

Finals Weekend - Finishing Up

Sorry I didn't update with this at the time, but life's been a little hectic these past few weeks. I have a new roommate, I'm visiting family, and you know the whole christmas thing is one huge fucking time sink.

Anyway, here's the rest of the WIP photos of my final painting project.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Finals Weekend Step 4 - Painting

Started off good, using a mixture of burnt sienna and liquin. Used red and yellow ochre for the skin tones.

I fucked up on the eye and by adding a green glaze that just isn't working. I'm going to try to fix it tomorrow. I was so... exhausted by this point that I spilled paint thinner everywhere. Time to sleep.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Finals Weekend Step 3 - Prep work

Ok, I made a canvas already during thanksgiving break. I printed out the work I did on the computer and projected it on to that canvas, making a smooth pencil drawing.

Then I added a layer of transparent acrylic earthy tones, a mixture of burnt sienna and yellow ochre. This mixture is EXTREMELY wet and EXTREMELY thin.

Finals Weekend Step 2 - The drawings

Not all of these made the cut for the final painting.

Finals Weekend Step 1 - The Plan

Well, this coming week my final projects are due and I only have this weekend to work on them. So for shits and giggles I'm going to update on this blog with my progress, just incase I fuck up at some point. I can point to this journal and say "I simply made a mistake."

Anyway, my final painting project is supposed to be a portrait that's more than a portrait. We're supposed to test different picture planes using techniques used in the class. ie, it can't all be one technique, it needs to be seperated and experimental. Acrylic, Oil, Direct and Indirect painting techniques.

I was racking my brain trying to figure out what to do and I had an epiphany. Why should I try to make something that's artsy fartsy bullshit. I decided to do something that represents me and my culture without being faggy and ambiguous.

I decided to do a faux fighter selection screen, kind of like this. Only, it'll be based on a snapshot of my culture , what I find to be interesting and cool. The two opponents will be me and my teacher.

There's a lot going on here, first it's an artistic representation of a videogame. I am an artist that plays videogames, and considers videogames to be the next great art. The subject of the game is fighting, this exemplifies my approach towards improvement in art. I am a very confrontational student. I doubt many teachers like having me, but its how I learn and improve.

So, with the concept fully realized in my brain, I started trying to decide who to include in the selection boxes, and here is what I came up with:
My Teacher
Michelangelo (the turtle)
The Burger King
Chaos Marine
Space Marine
Dr. House
Pyramid Head

Almost included the mythbusters, but I didn't have enough room.

Next in part two, the basic images, drawn on the computer.