Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Semper Fi

Speed painting, 1hr 45min total. It's kind of crap. May come back to it when I have time. I should be sleeping.... ugh school.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Hey, A cool thing

The animation in the clip on that site was actually made by my father. I find it kind of irritating that those commenting on the site are like "derp herp, Chuck Jones made it." No. It was Ken Mundie.


A 30-second, full animation commercial produced for Kellogg cereals was intended to celebrate the U.S. Bicentennial. It was created in collaboration with Ken Mundie, who directed the film and animated it with Paul Jessel and our staff."

Source - Inside Design A Review: 40 Years of Work by Morton Goldsholl

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Old Man of Crete WIP

Something I've been working on during vacation. Still not happy with it, but its getting there. I'm starting to get panic attacks because of how long my assignments are taking.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Power Girl Panda

Made this after seeing a request for it on a draw thread on /co/. I normally don't do requests, but it was such a good idea, and the image popped in to my head fully formed. Whenever that happens, I just go with it.

I recorded most of the creation of this, but windows movie maker is shit, and won't composite it without freezing.
I also share the sketch because I really like the way the sketch turned out. My illustration instructor has had us sketching with pen, and it has made me a better draughtsman. My lines are slowly becoming more confident. This is sketched in marker, but it's the same principle.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Commissions from tonight's stream

I love the way this turned out. Not a big fan of the show, or her character design on the show.

Gotta admit, not a big fan of Ben 10 and man some of the fan art I've seen of this character... *shudder*. But I'm happy with how this turned out on a technical level. Although, her hand is a little fucked up.
A guy's OC. I'm not all that happy with it, and I'll probably reapproach it tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Q Bee

Something I made tonight in a couple hours. I have a video, and I may upload it if my compositing program stops freezing on me.

Cactus Girl Concepts

These are conceptual art pieces for a character and a stage from a fighting game. It's a game I've had stirring in my noodle for quite some time and it makes me wish I had the resources to actually make it.

Also, someone liked the design enough to do some pose sketches for her.
This really hits the nail on the head when it comes to what I was thinking abuot the character . One thing that is constantly promoted in the Fine Arts school is this notion of the importance of the individual. It's yet another element that makes me realize that I'm not a Fine Artist. I dig the idea of working together in art. Movies, Animation, Videogames; these are all, essentially, collaborative arts. I love the idea of someone taking what I do and making it better and vise versa. So Kudos to http://hiivolt-07.deviantart.com/ a

The process of Dante

I fucked up a lot on this one. I thought it may be a good idea to share the process of me fucking up.