Monday, September 22, 2008

40 minute figure painting in Painter

Not much to say on this. I used a stock image I found on DA. I was lucky enough to find a stock with someone who basically said "I give free reign on all these images as long as you don't profit from them or disrespect the models." He has a very large gallery of great poses and beautiful models. I gotta do more of these and I will do more of these thanks to his gallery.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I've been using alot of random abstract paintings to start off my art lately. For examplecame from

so when I'm out of ideas, I just do abstract paintings in painter, and get back to them when I get an idea for what is there. Sometimes that happens right away, sometimes it takes a few weeks. The thing I like about these abstract paintings is that it helps me get through art blocks. I focus on basic principles of art, such as contrast, color, and composition. Anyway, enough of my rambling here are some abstract paintings I did today.

I focused mostly on the cool color spectrum, because I've noticed that I have a propencity to make warmish colored paintings. So for the sake of contrast, and as practice, I just went with cool colors.

Monday, September 15, 2008

From the Canvas

Girl Emerging from Canvas
(I'll think of a better title eventually)

This is just an idea that I've had on my mind for the pat couple of days. Didn't turn out nearly as well as I wanted it to, plus I should've been doing homework and studying for a test instead of making this. Oh well.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Nymphs Basking
A while back I did a drawing of a lava monster. I wanted to have him fighting a magic using Nymph. The composition as a whole didn't work the way I wanted to, so I cut her out. I liked the idea though, and decided to redo her. In remaking her, I decided to give her a companion, and make it a nymph race, not a singular watery representative.

On another unrelated note. I love drawing sexiness. I really do. I don't care if people think less of me because of it. It's just so fun and makes me feel good.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tribal Demon Speed Paint

Tribal Demon Speed Painting
There is something about this that I like, but I don't consider it my best work. I know there are flaws, I see them, I just don't care enough to correct them. I know that's somewhat of a cop out, but I've developed this new philosophy about painting. If i'm not enjoying it, I shouldn't be doing it. I work on something as long as I enjoy it. And to correct what's wrong is a level of tedium I don't want to deal with.

Figure and Artists Oil Timed Practice 1

Based on an image I found on the net. Can you tell what it is? I'm not sure if I could without already knowing. Hopefully these practice things will get better. Going to try to do something like this at least once a day to stay sharp and try and improve. I'll be tackling things I'm not particularly good at. How else would I improve? In this particular case, it's colors and the use of the artist oils tool.
I used only basic colors mixing them in the mixer in painter and this is what the mixer looked like when I was done
Mixing the colors was extremely difficult, but that's what makes it good practice but controlling colors I didn't want with the Artist Oils tools proved even more difficult. This exercise took roughly 60 minutes.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wow, I forgot I even had this site. I went so far as to make another blog under another name. I thought it odd that the green squid was taken. Though, I have to admit that I didn't look in to it too readily because I'm getting tired of the moniker. Oh well, there isn't anything better available, so I'll stick with this.

Here you will find daily art ramblings, I hope. I also have an account on dA, but this blog will feature work that I can't put there. This will fall in to six categories: practice , work that dA won't allow on it's site, youtube videos, fun stuff, portfolio work or finished non-portfolio work.

This is a sample of unfinished work. Generally these will be studies and experiments. Life drawings, life paintings, etc. Stuff that artists do to hone and practice their skills.

This is the stuff that dA won't allow. It will pretty much always be sexual, some of it may even be explicit. I find it kind of ironic that a site called "DEVIANT" art wouldn't allow this, but I'm certainly not important enough to change anything on that site, so I'm just gonna keep doing my thing.

On a side note. I go back and forth when it comes to creating this kind of stuff. On one hand, I can't help but be like "yay boobs!" but on the other hand, I worry about my credibility.

Here, hopefully, is a youtube video. Whenever the inclination strikes me I tend to record rendering, and painting sessions. I have to record myself sketching because I can't seem to do it very well when I know I'm being watched. Maybe that will change.

this is an example of fun stuff. Just funny quick and dirty things that make me chuckle. Dunno what you'll get out of em though.

When I take my portfolio around, I only bring my best work. This is an example of one of my best, certainly, it's one that many recruiters act favorably towards.

Finally, finished non-portfolio work. This stuff walks a fine line between being portfolio and non portfolio work. But generally, this is stuff that is just missing that has the ingredient of looking good enough for me, but not looking good enough for someone hiring.