Monday, December 29, 2008

Sketch Dump

Just felt like drawing the backside of Older Toph since I only focused on the characters frontside in my month long Character Design thing. I didn't post this on DA because I know no one likes my interpretation. The breast expansion enthusiasts love it though, and that's a little creepy. I mean, I've been sort of analyzing WHY exactly I gave older Toph huge titties. I think it's because Toph is easily the most attractive female in Avatar due mostly to her character. I have never wanted to be a 10 year old girl until Toph. She's just that awesome. The thing is, I'm not a pedo, I can't be physically attracted to children. Sorry. So, I have to age her to an almost rediculous level in order to justify an attraction to the character. I have to make it obvious that she's not a child or underage at all.

God that's all kinds of fucked up.
Decided to color my crap sketch. Still trying to find a good way to ink.
I actually really like this sketch, and I may post it.
Unfinished Pirate Ninja
Angry Marine is Angry
Panda from Body Bags Sketch. I was going to finish it, then I realized how creepy it was.
Speed abstract paintan
I'm furry for Lola and Minerva Mink.
Experimenting with traditional anatomy.
Crappy experiment
Sketch that turned in to something I liked, but am not gonna post for a while. There is just too much TITTY! in my gallery on dA.

Just dumping sketch work, unfinished work, and work I'm unsatisfied with.


Mikey said...

Not YOUR fault Toph is awesome.

Alice Gao said...

if this is at all any comfort
i personally find the idea of toph becoming well endowed VERY entertaining.
and i am a perfectly straight girl :)
(mind you i could probably never draw her as big as you do, but i do like drawing her chest larger than what i usually draw for girls :)