Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Huge Update of work Part 2 - Korra related stuff

These two pieces are part of a running joke. Basically, whenever someone asks nick information about the release date of Korra they say "soon ;)" Even with that fucking winky face. We (the fans) are being constantly teased about the damn show, so I thought I'd personify that teasing with this. I thought it was funny...

Request from a popular member of the "pro-Korra" community requested this. I felt like I under performed for his request, which is why I made the additional pieces above. I thought those would make up for this lack luster showing.

Korra doing Yoga was based on a video I saw. The video blatantly used sexuality to sell spirituality. I thought that was an interesting combination, and one that fit Korra. I used to do Yoga until very recently when I learned my routine increased the chance of a stroke. I found out that most people actually shouldn't be doing Yoga, and that if they did, they should be doing it much more lightly than they are.
In one of the recent leaks. (Yeah, I watch the leaks, and I don't feel bad about it. Until I see hard evidence that the leaks have done anything other than generate interest and possible ad revenue, I refuse to feel bad about downloading and watching them over and over.) Anyway, back to what I was saying, in one of the recent leaks there was this great shot of Korra's back tensed. The muscles were beautiful. The back, by and large, is beautiful, and a well developed back is gorgeous. So, based on that image, I made this. A guess as to the entirety of Korra's backside.

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