Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Starting over and over again

Blogger is being weird... sorry for the multiple posts.
I started with color sketch, but the composition, mood, and anatomy were off. So I started from scratch. I completely redrew the character in a new and better composition and improved anatomy. When I loaded that drawing in to photoshop, I noticed her neck looked broken, which forced me to completely redraw the head. I think this looks better. She's more vulnerable and despondant.

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Kyle said...

i really like where this is going. i didn't get to se it very well in class, but figured i could just hop on over here.

I was looking through a book i have called "science Fiction and Fantasy Art, and came across a picture that I thought you might like that is similar to yours, but different, obviously.

i can't for the life of me find the image online. it is by an artist named Camille Kuo, and it's titled "In Water".

I'll try and remember to bring the book on wednesday so you can see. it drives me nuts that i cannot find the image online.

keep up the good work!