Saturday, October 25, 2008

Toph 10 Years Later Cosplay

And we're finished with Toph.

Initially I gave her very spiky hair and through the course of making all of her costumes, noticed that with the spiky hair, the figure, and the lipstick she looked a lot like another character. I changed the spiky hair the day I posted the first one because more than a few people made a compelling argument to do so. But with this, I kept the spiky hair for shits and giggles

On this whle ten years later thing. I actually found some images that echo some of the things I've done already, both in Toph and in Sokka. I found one image of toph that was pretty much the same pose, same figure, same everything. I found one of Sokka with a certain garment I added after noting a particular Kuruk garment.

In both cases, what I made I made before I saw these images. It's funny, I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing that another artist would draw similar conclusions to my own. On one hand, I know I'm not crazy to do something. On the other hand I worry about accusations of plagerism. Oh well, what can you do? People will tend to assume that the first thing that they see is the first thing that is created. And that if there is anything else like it, then that thing is a rip off.

Perception. What can you do?


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