Monday, October 20, 2008

Toph 10 Years Later Young Costume

Same info as before. I think her bust size is way more apparent in this one (and will become even more apparent in the next ones). This is why I chose her first costume as her primary costume. These next ones are just for fun to compare how her body has developed and changed.

The response to the first toph was pretty much what I expected and such that I learned that it would be a better idea if I disabled comments. My reservations about fan reaction were somewhat justified. And that was the tame and "serious" one.

It's funny, I had all these polls to make sure people would actually want to see these and still some people had to nitpick about what they didn't like. It's almost as if the polls made them believe that they had a voice in their creation when that wasn't the intention. The intention was to ask one question and make one statement:

Do you want to see these?

If I want your opinion, I'll ask.

You'll notice that I've been trying to do less and less fan art. I originally said that it was the first fan art I'd done in months, but I forgot about The Apprentice. The reason for that, is with fan art, fans can tell you that "you're doing it wrong." I fucking hate that. Whether or not that makes me ungrateful, mean, stupid, or a bad artist, I don't care. I just fucking hate it.

I hate it to the point that it makes me not want to do fan art. So, just to avoid it, I disabled comments. That may make me a totalitarian dick head, but I can't help it.

I've learned, as an artist, you need to "be a man about it." You need to make clear cut and communicative decisions and never second guess yourself while you're close to the work. To that end, it's a better idea to ignore what people have to saying during, and just after you've created what you've created.

That isn't to say you can't learn from your own mistakes, but worrying about that shit while you're making the art, makes making the art not fun. Fun is the point of this whole thing. All of my "great" art is stuff that I had fun on. Andrew Jones once told me

"if you don't enjoy what you do than you are cheating yourself out of your full potential and your also cheating the people in your life from benefiting from your full expression as a human being,

your on the right track , manifest your enjoyment to the fullest,"

So to the end of enjoying myself let me say. You can think whatever you want about these, but don't expect me to adjust or change based on that opinion.

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