Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thumnail Sketches

Yes, another Kukaku piece. This is based on a panel I saw in the Manga. I saw it and thought "how the hell does she tie her top?" So even though I haven't drawn in the hand, that's what she'll be doing. (Plus this view helped me realize why I like Kukaku's outfit.... "easy access.")
This is just a cool image idea that I have no idea where I'm going with. I'm not sure if I'm going to make the figure on the horse a naked female, or an Atreyu looking guy (if you don't know who Atreyu is, stop being so young.) I'm not sure if I want to make the harpies chasing him in to full fledged harpies, or in to something tongue in cheek like flying evil bankers. (I'm also not sure about the anatomy on the horse because I did it from memory. I'll have to get some references, you can't fuck around when it comes to drawing horses.)
This for a painting based on the Dark Tower series. It's from the second book when the gunslinger is in the mind of mort, he's in new york, has just stolen two guns from some local cops, and is headed to get some keflex. Goddamn, that whole sequence where Roland was in Mort was fucking awesome.

I'm not sure which one to do first.

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