Saturday, August 27, 2011

How /co/ brightened my day

OK, so last week, on my way to college my left rear tire exploded. I was attempting to pass a semi when BAM and the car started to shake a lot. I pulled over, but didn't have room to change the tire. So I didn't get a chance to look at how bad the damage was. After getting to my apartment and changing the tire, I was surprised I even made it that far.
So, today, I finally made it in to Les Schwab to get the tire changed. They told me that the tire failed because it hadn't been rotated, and had been showing signs of wear. They even said that the other tires were showing similar signs of stress. They also told me that since my car is an all wheel drive car, I would have to get the entire set replaced and it would cost 360 dollars.

Now, this really pisses me off because just last month I had taken the car to my local Les Schwab and they told me, verbatim, "It doesn't need to be rotated and everything looks fine." Not only did my local Les Schwab cost me 360 dollars, they nearly cost me my life. (Well, not really, because I'm a good enough driver to handle it, but still...)

Anyway, so I've been in a bad mood today, and I started browsing /co/. /co/ lately has become much more... hate driven lately. I don't know what it is, but everyone just seems so damned angry and entitled, so rarely does browsing it make me feel good any more, but then I saw a thread that put an enormous smile on my face.

Someone had taken my drawings of Korra and done this.

You see this? This is fucking awesome. I especially like the coloring on the second one.Much better than what I had done. I want to upload these to hentai-foundry, but only with the OK of the person who did the edit. I'll give them credit as well of course. These are just too good.

Bravo anonymous. Bravo.


Anonymous said...

AAAGH, the second one—I cannot embiggen it!

I guess I'll have to go looking for the high-res image myself.

Anonymous said...

The first was done by me, Was Bored (it's why I nude filter), and the second was greatly enhanced by anonymous. So you could post up both if you'd like.

Keep up the good work.