Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I am glad I'm not a drug user.

I say that because I do things that I'm addicted to even though I know I shouldn't. For example, I ate nearly an entire bag of vinegar and salt potato chips. Not good for my diet at all.

I also decided to sketch tonight even though I posted on DA saying that I wouldn't. I wouldn't because, my computer has been over heating. I think the transportation of my computer damaged the thermal compound and now it's running 30 degrees hotter than what it was.

During the sketching I opened OCCT and ... well... judge for yourself.

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Pirate Tom said...

Declare an "Oldschool" week and switch to pen and paper for awhile? I haven't been drawing for awhile, and I'm trying to start back with traditional materials for a bit myself. Until I get back into the swing of things.