Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lilith from Darkstalkers sketch

Settle a bet/argument/conversation I've been having with a friend. Is lilith loli or not. I say not because of dat ass, dat figure and because flat chested adults do exist. He says loli because he thinks she's under 18. I've always seen loli as something else, as little girl pedophile stuff. He says loli includes jailbait. It's a long standing argument.

Anyway, yeah, Lilith....


Anonymous said...

Depends on which source you use. She was "born" about the same time as Morrigan (1600s) from her extra power. Didn't get a body till the third game. Another source showed Oct. 1980 was her birthday. Then, she IS a succubus, so who knows how they determine age exactly. Red XIII from FF7 was over 300 years old, but still a teen according to his grandfather.

hydroknight01 said...

Well, given her backstory, I'd say that technically-speaking she's at least as old as Morrigan, being a part of Morri's soul as she is.

And Morrigan appears to be in her late-20s/early-30s...and is, uh *ahem* quiet well-endowed... so maybe Lilith is just a late bloomer? ^_^;