Thursday, November 20, 2008

Aang Finished

In case it isn't totally obvious, by the time I got to Aang I was burnt out. If I ever do something like this, I'm going to post these things all at once. The prolonged month seemed to really kill the impact of what I was doing. Also, I imagine if I were doing this as a commissions or as part of a job all of this stuff would be required all at once. Indeed most of it was finished all at once, and this prolonged thing to avoid flooding people's inbox was just foolish.


My attitude towards Aang was always, that he was the most Adult of the four kids. I sometimes hear children talk about what it means to be mature and they always touch on ideas that I don't agree with. Maturity does not mean an absence of fun. Maturity does not mean brooding. Maturity is knowing your faults, but still dealing with them. Knowing who you are, what you're about and sticking to that. Aang was the most mature of the entire group.

because of this I feel he needed to change very little. He was fine the way he was. He merely went through puberty. He's full grown, muscular (as martial artists who master several kinds of martial arts tend to be), and handsome. Or at least I tried to make him handsome.

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