Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fingerlickin Good

This was an experiment. I worked on this for months and it was going nowhere. Then one day in class we had a discussion about what makes something look like it recedes and something look like it comes forward. To be honest, I felt like ever "rule" that was listed could be broken. Even though I suggested a few myself. This piece I'm experimenting with those ideas and attempting to prove a few things. The background can still be saturated, and have warm colors. The foreground can be slightly desaturated and have cool colors. Contrast only plays a role depending on context, and so on and so on.

Ultimately, as with all my paintings, my goal is to make something visually striking. Something you look at and go, "woah, that looks cool" This was made AFTER Forest God and is an example of me trying to live up to it but not succeeding.

This, similarly to Forest God wasn't entirely thought out. Sure, with this one I had a general idea of "I want a Daemonette standing over a Space Marine" but beyond that, I had no real plan. I just started off with some shapes, found what I liked, upresed and detailed it. The process is detailed here

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