Thursday, November 20, 2008

Forest God

This is my new bar. Occasionally something will come out of me that is way better than I ever expected and it sets a new bar for me that I try to meet with every piece I make subsequently. Many times I don't meet it, but at some point I eventually do meet it, continue to meet it and eventually set a new bar.

Honestly, this is just a response to how fucking stifling school is. There's no room for imagination. There's room for meaning, brooding, thinking, etc etc. But putting paint to canvas with no intention and just letting what happens happen is totally frowned upon.

I started making this without thinking. There was no drawing, no planning, just putting "paint to canvas." Sure, eventually, once I had an idea of what I was going for. I started to adjust my thinking and started painting with intention. But even those thoughts changed. Originally this was going to be a Lich character like from Warcraft. The face was a skull, and the surroundings were all blue. That should give you an idea of how much it changed.

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