Thursday, May 28, 2009

Out with the Old

Those who have been following me on Deviant Art knows that I've deleted a good 70% of my gallery. I got rid of the really really bad art that I started out with. However, I am aware that each person's tastes are certainly their own. So here is a megaupload link to my old work.


There are a couple of duplicates, but not many. Now, if you look at this crap and don't see improvement, then I can't say much about your reasoning faculties. (Long hand for "yer a tard")

My opinion about art is this. "You may never be a master, but you can always improve. Improvement is about self awareness and intelligent practice. It is not about critiques, or anatomy measuring. Focusing on these things will only hinder you. Try your hardest and please yourself first and foremost"

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