Monday, May 11, 2009

Thumbnails of May 10th

So, I have my final final tomorrow for this semester. Well, it's at 4:30pm today technically. I should probably get some sleep but I can't. I'm excited and nervous all at once and I'm celebrating my freedom by starting (and hopefully finishing) a whole bunch of new arts. I came up with all of these thumbnails tonight. Thumbnails aren't even sketches, and I draw them at like 20% in painter just to get basic stuff in there. They sort of chronicle what's been going on, so lets get to em.

Good luck deciphering this thumbnail. I'm so bad at drawing technical stuff. Anyway, it's supposed to be the enterprise standing off against that vulcan ship. This is a really quick 30 second sketch to start off a speed painting I'm going to do tomorrow for my Star Trek Art Jam.

Star Trek was fucking amazing, but it implies so many changes in the series that followed. I find myself wondering about Tuvok, and about how Spock dies and is ressurected. I hope the TNG crew's history wasn't fucked with too much, because Picard > Kirk as far as I'm concerned.

The main game I've been playing this weekend is Street Fighter IV. It is fucking amazing. I took a little more time with this thumbnail because the pose was key in this. Hopefully it's obvious that it's Ken doing the shoryuken. Ken and Chun Li are my fav Street Fighter characters.
I was watching this thing on meteors on the history channel. One of the scientists on it were like "movies have given us this false hope of being able to divert a meteor. The truth of the matter is, if it's going to hit us, it's going to hit us, and there's nothing we can do about it." So I had this idea of a character I created using his powers to stop a meteor that couldn't be stopped.

Yes, more Older Toph. However, I'm trying to actually hold back a little bit, at least in comparison to other Toph sketches I've done. I also recently did this piece of art that had Soranik Natu crawling on all fours, and I wasn't satisfied with it. I'm trying to get the perspective of that pose right, and this is half the reason why I made this. Finally, I found my old Older Toph's Boulder Holders sketch. It's interesting to compare how it started with where it wound up.

N. E. WAY... I need to sleep

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