Friday, May 8, 2009

Soranik Natu

I'm a recent convert to the Green Lantern comics because I wanted to find out about all of the red, blue, green, yellow, violet, etc. so I read as much Green Lantern as I could. I haven't decided on my favorite Lantern yet, I'm bouncing back and forth between Guy and Kyle.

However, Soranik Natu. For my money, is the sexiest Green Lantern ever. (I loved Guy's reaction to her. I was like, "Yes, this man speaks for me.") Though I'm pretty sure that she's Sinestro's Daughter and now that she and Kyle are an item, she's so going to die. So while she's still around, I decided to do some fan work of her.

I felt like doing some statuesqe female anatomy and practicing with space, and she was perfect for my experimentations. Sure, I could have used Power Girl or Wonder Woman, or even Starfire, but those bitches perfectly respectable ladies are over exposed. I ALSO wanted to experiment with anatomical drawing techniques and a new way of painting derived from comic coloring techniques. (ALL of which I will explain in depth in a youtube video.)

YOu see, as a painter, I realize my biggest flaw is that my stuff is way too... sketchy and messy. I'm puttin forth a lot of effort to learn to control that. My efforts seem to either look mushy, or too hard edged, so it's a tough thing to perfect.

My very first attempt at a tutorial using youtube. It sucked.

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